Tattoo Tour !!


If you follow me on instagram, you would know that I recently got FOUR new tattoos. I posted 1 of them on my feed, but the others have been a well kept secret (until now !!) but let’s start from the beginning:

Exodus 14:14

This was my very first tattoo that I got on my 20th birthday, and it’s on my ribcage !! Exodus 14:14 is a bible verse that says, “The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still” I chose this verse because I feel like it will apply to any situation in my life, and constantly remind me that the Lord has my back. Everything happens the way that it’s supposed to, sis !!

Roman Numeral

My sister, Ashley and I decided to get tattoos together !! Since I’m the first born, I got I and she got II. It’s just the two of us :’) We both got them behind our ear !!


Next tattoo, I also got matching with Ashley !! We got a butterfly in honor of our grandmother, who passed away when we were really young. Our mom always tells us that butterflies remind her of our grandma, so we surprised her with these tattoos and she cried when she saw them :’)


Now onto the new tattoos !! I got 444 on my finger because it’s an angel number that I see ALL the time and it reminds me that my angels are always close by 🤍 the meaning of 444 is that your angels are supporting and encouraging you to keep going, because you’re on the right path.

Flower Bouquet

I got this one on my upper arm and it doesn’t really have much meaning LOL I just thought it was very elegant and feminine, so I got it !!!


I got Serendipity on my neck right under my I tattoo. This tattoo is very special to me because it’s in my moms handwriting 🤍 I love the word serendipity because essentially it means ‘a happy accident’ or something that happened by accident, and turned out positively. Serendipity is also the name of a movie that my mom introduced me to, that I now LOVE and always watch with my mom.


I got a continuous line tattoo of a bull on my forearm. I was born on May 20, so that makes me a taurus !! I’m very proud to be a taurus, we are known to be stubborn and and driven, which I really relate to and take pride in.

and that’s all of my tattoos !! thanks for being here, I appreciate u 🤍


2 comments on “Tattoo Tour !!”

  1. ally, i ran across your account last year and i’m really grateful for you. you’re so kind and pure in this cruel world, and i admire you so much. thank you for being you.🤍


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