How to Avoid Cakey Makeup

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The best and easiest way to avoid cakey makeup is to make sure you’re always applying it to healthy and hydrated skin !! I have a few HOLY GRAIL products that always keep my skin feeling amazing, and some makeup tips for smooth application.

Healthy & Hydrated Skin

Hydrated skin will keep makeup from settling into fine lines and looking cakey !! The product that has made the biggest difference in my skin is the Tula 24-7 moisturizer. It is not greasy at all so I use it day and night !!

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Concealers tend to get cakey easily because they can be very thick and full coverage. To prevent my undereyes from caking, I ALWAYS use eye cream first. The Tula 24-7 power swipe eye balm depuffs my undereyes and preps them for concealer.

Primers can be a great barrier between the skin and foundation to prevent settling into pores and fine lines. There are countless primers suited for every skin type and texture, I love this one in my T-zone:

Makeup Tips

Full coverage foundations can easily make your makeup look too heavy and thick, so I usually stick to light to medium coverage foundations (especially in the summer). Less is more when it comes to achieving a natural skin look !! Another tip is to steer clear of anything mattifying and pick products with a natural or dewy finish ESPECIALLY if you have dry skin !! Here’s my go-to makeup duo for a glowy natural look:

Setting powder can also make your skin look dry and cakey if you use too much, or use the wrong kind !! I’ve been using this Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder for YEARS and have never stopped loving it !! I don’t bake with it, I just use a dome brush and put it under my eyes and around my nose where I get oily. To set the rest of my face I use a big fluffy brush and use a super small amount to tap into my skin !!

I’d love to hear if you try out any of these products/tips, girlypop !!!! Thanks for being here 🤍


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