How I Take and Edit My Instagram Pictures

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Hi Girlypops !! I’ve recently stepped up my Instagram game and I wanted to share my secrets with you! I take most of my photos by myself and do minimal editing that anyone can master.

Taking the Pictures

On shoot days, I pack up my jeep with a suitcase filled with clothes and usually go to a parking garage. I love to go there because there are so many different areas to get completely different vibes. Here’s some examples:

Pose with your car
Empty garage

An iPhone tripod with a bluetooth clicker is an absolute GAME CHANGER because it allows me to take the pictures by myself. I use the front camera so I can see how I look and make sure I’m getting alllll the good angles. I use this one:

Amazon Selfie Stick Bluetooth Tripod


Before I even take any pictures, I like to turn the exposure down on my camera settings. To do this on an iPhone, open the camera and press the up arrow at the top, then press the +- button and turn down the exposure to about -2, or whatever looks good depending on your lighting. Low exposure gives the photo a moody vibe.

Natural lighting
Lowered exposure
Blur Effect

I LOVE adding blur effect to my photos to add a little spice. I use the Picsart app and the blur tool.

PRO TIP: this effect looks best on pictures that are candid or movement shots, and the blur makes it look even more in the moment.

Let me know if you try any of these tricks, girlypop !! Love you SO MUCH


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